Soilmate is going to Good Food Good Soul

Soilmate is a character from UNITE Little Fairies. She made from Soil + Soulmate.
I invited her to go to a new place of Good Food Good Soul, Homecooking Studio at Bangkok.


Everyone can learn about homemade cooking here or you can come here like come to your friends’s home and JUST ENJOY EATING ! Today, Soilmate is going to learn about Kombucha  Tea ~ Yes! it’s my idea to come here. I want to have a new pet that someone call mushroom or probiotic.


During I’m learning with a small group but sharing a lot of informations, Soilmate is sitting at coconut’s chair with little yellow flowers…


Exactly, She may reading all of this books.


Brew a tea, Add sugar, Wait, Add SCOBY, Add Kombucha, Close the Jar, Wait for 3-5 days, Yay ! My pet is growing ~ She’s so shy, Don’t let sunshine come to greet him.


For more information, Let’s join Kombucha Workshop at Good Food Good Soul ❤


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